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How to Get a Great Reading

Although I am a clairaudient psychic, my background is in energy healing and I have been trained in quite a few different healing modalities. (See website) A positive side effect of my training has been that my psychic abilities have become enhanced. You could say that I majored in Clairaudience (clear hearing) and minored in Clairvoyance and Clairsentience (clear feeling).

People usually come to me with a list of specific questions that they want answered. The questions can be on any topic, but they have to be in English and they need to be phrased in a certain way. I will give a few examples of a badly phrased question first:

  • " How compatible is Jack Peters with Sharon Stone? If you don't tell me that she loves me, I'm gonna die!"
  • " Will XYZ Bank be willing to give Jack Peters a car loan? I'm almost broke and I will lose my job if I don't get this money!"
It is important that I remain a clear channel for the energies from source to flow through me. Phrasing the questions in the above manner will cause my ego to kick in and I will worry that the client will be upset with me, if I don't respond in a certain manner.

It is better to leave out the emotions in your questions. Just put in the person, place and thing, like this:
  • " How compatible is Jack Peters with Sharon Stone?"
  • "Will XYZ Bank be giving Jack Peters a car loan?"
  • " What are names of Jack Peters Spirit Guides?"
  • " Does Jack Peters have any health issues?"
  • "Is it in Jack Peters highest good to buy a painting from the XYZ Art Gallery?"

I hope that you can see the difference between the two types of questions. This is how a potential client should go about phrasing their questions.

For Armchair Psychic Reading clients in both the USA and overseas, the fee would be $80.00 in US money for a 60- minute session. How it works, is that you and I would hammer out the exact time and date of the appointment which would include the differences in our respective time zones. (A wonderful site for this is The World Clock http://www.timeanddate.com )  I would send you an email from PayPal asking for the $80.00. After you've paid me, I'd send you a confirmation that the date was on. Then we would meet online at the designated time and go on from there! All readings must be paid for before the client’s session can begin.

Clients who come to the Center in Jamaica Plain, MA pay $60.00 for their 1-hour reading or $30.00 for a 30-minute Tarot Card Reading. These clients must pay me in cash because no checks are accepted.

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