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Maryfaith Goessling is the owner and operator of Energies from Source Healing Center.  She is a master healer and teacher, psychic and channeler.


Maryfaith has been certified in a wide variety of modalities, including Transformational Breathwork, Pranic Healing, Shamballa MD Healing, Savior’s Fire, Marconics and Rising Star Healing System. She is the originator of the Soul Level Dowsing Healing System. Ms. Goessling has been intuitive all her life but her psychic abilities became much more enhanced over the years as a result of her studies and instruction from the many respected teachers she has had the privilege to study with. These instructors include Carol B. Goode of The International Breath Institute, Master Choa Kok Sui of The Institute of Inner Studies, Harold McCoy of The American Society of Dowsers, Phyllis Brooks & John Armitage of the School of Esoteric Sciences and Barbara Meneses Montgomery of Pura Presencia Academy/Baj Pendulums.



July 12, 1992
Certificate of Ordination in the Order of Melchizedek
Sanctuary of the Beloved of the State of New York
Rev. Dan Chesbro, Officiating


August 14, 1995
Transformational Breathwork Facilitator
The International Breathwork Institute
Carol B. Goode, Director


September 28, 1997

Pranic Healing Course
Institute for Inner Studies
Patricia Rowe, Lecturer


November 6-8, 1998
- Pranic Feng Shui

- Higher Clairvoyance

- Kriyashakti
Institute for Inner Studies
Master Choa Kok Sui, Founder


April 21-22, 2001
The Shamballa System
Shamballa Multidimensional Healing
The School of Esoteric Sciences
Phyliss Brooks, Master Healer/Teacher


May 9, 2004
The 12D + Master Healers Course
The School of Esoteric Sciences
J. M. Armitage, Founder
Phyliss Brooks, Master Teacher


July 18, 2004
Savior’s Fire Beginner Class
James Allen, Master Teacher


May 28, 2006
The Shamballa Basic Master Healer & Teacher Course
The Shamballa School of Esoteric Sciences
Phyliss Brooks, Master Teacher
J.M. Armitage, Founder


March 2, 2014
Marconic ‘No Touch’ Healing
Spiritual Alchemy & Marconic Reconnection
Alison David Bird, Facilitator


March 30, 2020
Diploma: Warrior Dowsing
Pure Presencia Academy/Baj Pendulums
Barbara Meneses, CEO


September 3, 2020
Diploma: Ascension Process Attunement Level 1
Pure Presencia Academy/Baj Pendulums
Barbara Meneses Montgomery, CEO

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