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Tips To Prepare For Your Psychic Reading

While my primary expertise lies in energy healing, where I have received training in various techniques, this has unexpectedly improved my psychic skills. Essentially, I specialize in Clairaudience, which is the ability to hear clearly in a psychic sense, and have additional skills in Clairvoyance and Clairsentience, allowing me to see images and feel sensations vividly.


Individuals often approach me with specific inquiries they wish to have addressed. While these
questions can cover any subject, they must be articulated in English and framed appropriately. Let
me illustrate with examples of poorly constructed questions:

  • What is the level of compatibility between Jack Peters and Sharon Jones? I need to know she loves me, or it will be the end of me!
  • Is XYZ Bank likely to approve a car loan for Jack Peters? I’m nearly out of funds and my job is at stake without this loan!

It is important that I remain a clear channel for the energies from source to flow through me. Asking questions in the previously mentioned way can trigger my personal biases, leading to concerns about disappointing the client if my responses don’t meet their expectations.


It is better to leave out the emotions in your questions. Be specific. Ask open-ended questions which utilize the “How”, “What”, “Why”, “Where” and “When” words.

Here are some examples of real life questions:

  1. What should I know about my love life with Debra Smith? (Put in her 1st and last name).
  2. How compatible is Julio Mendez with Wanda Peters? ( Insert both his/hers 1st and last names)
  3. Is Denise Meyers (Insert her 1st & last name) on the right path professionally?
  4. Where should Alex Diego (Insert his 1st & last name) move after he graduates college?
  5. Why did Sally Russo break up with Ted Jones? (Insert both hers/his 1st and last names)
  6. What is Ray Parker’s (Put in his 1st & last name) Soul Purpose?
  7. How many ghosts are inhabiting the house at 20 Tallmadge Road, Perry, FLA? (Insert address)
  8. What are Adam Cook’s (Insert his 1st & last name) psychic abilities?
  9. Does Betty Dutton have any past lives with Amber Wood? (Insert their 1st & last names)
  10. When will Ben Harper meet his next love connection? (Add his 1st & last name)
  11. How does Pearl-my new black lab puppy like our home? (Add pet’s name & breed/add address)

Remember to be specific about the person, place or thing that you are asking about. The more precise that you are, the better answers that you with receive from the spiritual guides.

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