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Here are just some of the wonderful testimonials written by Energies from Source Healing Center’s satisfied customers:



I have known Maryfaith for many years living in Jamaica Plain. We see each other at community functions, parties, workshops and when she has been hired to do sessions for a group. My recent experience with Maryfaith was in September 2023. I hired Maryfaith to do individual 10 minute sessions for people at a special gathering. Some people have known Maryfaith as I have through our community, and for others, this was their first time meeting or having a session with Maryfaith. I have always respected and admired Maryfaith’s abilities to speak with her guides, interpret what she hears, and tell what they say to her client. I will forever be intrigued and fascinated by her abilities and her gift. But what I hear from people that had sessions with her day, everyone was so in awe of her and what the guides said. How spot on they were, and how Maryfaith delivered the information to them. She is very unassuming; humble, straightforward, kind, gentle, and above all very sincere. As I write this, it makes me realize it is time for me to have another session with her. You will not be disappointed and will come out of your time with Maryfaith seeing things in a new light and an open mind.

       - ME, Jamaica Plain, MA


I reached out to Maryfaith regarding some unfinished conversations that were haunting me after my husband’s death. We spoke before our session to go over how the session will go, and right there and then Maryfaith had an insight that was spot on that I had not shared with anyone else. After this initial conversation, I felt that our session was going to be a successful one for me. For instance, I was wondering if my husband was still with me. And she said yes, in the locket that I wore that he had given me. I did not share with her that I had a locket. She was also accurate on other times and people in my life. I had a couple sessions regarding this. It was helpful to absorb the first session and then I had other questions that I used in the second session. She also helped me change the energy that was in my house while it was on the market. I highly recommend Maryfaith. She is a healer helping me deal with this difficult time in my life.

       - Mary Beth Sawyer,



Maryfaith is an incredible healer! Her space is so cozy and inviting, making it easy to open up and feel safe. She really encouraged me to be vulnerable and leave everything on the table, and her insights were spot on. Even during a long distance healing session over the phone, I felt the power of her work. Maryfaith’s compassionate and straightforward approach gave me so much clarity and trust. Our follow-up conversations were always inspiring and left me feeling hopeful. I’m so grateful for her guidance and support! Not only did she provide healing, but she also helped me to understand my own gifts better. Maryfaith encouraged me to embrace and strengthen them for the benefit of myself and others. Her support and guidance have been invaluable on my journey of self-discovery and growth.

       - Cicely Carew, Artist, Boston, MA




I sought out a healer using google recently and came upon Energies From Source. I am so grateful for Maryfaith and for what she did for me. I was feeling unsettled, muddled and out of balance energetically. Maryfaith was so kind from the very beginning and so thorough in her approach and explanation of her treatment. I felt instantly at ease and as if fate had guided me to her. Maryfaith treated me with pendulums and performed a dowsing of my energy. Through this treatment she opened up longstanding blockages and surrounded me with love and support. As a result I feel lighter, more open, more clear on my purpose, more supported, and happier. Maryfaith is a gifted, kind, and generous of spirit woman. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for energetic healing. She is skilled as a healer beyond words.

        - Molly Sebo, MPT
          Advanced A.R.T® Practitioner

          Integrative Health Techniques




Maryfaith has been my energy healer for 12 years. I have experienced several energy healings, tarot readings, dowsing sessions and channeling. I always feel light as a feather after we part ways. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for any healing or psychic services.

        - Lauren D.  Jamaica Plain, MA




I have known Maryfaith for many years. And every time I have asked her to answer questions using her psychic abilities, her answers were proven right later. Very impressive!

        - B. Molto, Boston, MA




I highly recommend experiencing a Soul Level Dowsing healing session with Maryfaith.   She has detailed awareness of the different soul levels and intuitively provides the correct healing pendulum to accurately serve your needs.  In her sessions, she introduces you with each pendulum and their specifics.  I was amazed at how each one seemed to have their own distinct form of 'personality' as they flowed through her hands.  In my session she used four different pendulums. In the midst of each, Maryfaith asked questions that brought to mind events, which had triggered emotions that I had not recently considered. Using the pendulums she then released stagnant energy within my body.  I did not know what to expect of the session and admit that I didn't feel much other than the sense of physical energizing forces always received from Maryfaith.  Ultimately, I left and went about my life in its typical fashion.  However when she and I discussed the session a couple of days later, I realized how 'typical' was not actual after the session.  I was no longer malicious about my boss and I was engaged in a healthier relationship with a friend - these are two of the unexpected results of my most positive lifestyle thanks to Maryfaith's healing expertise with the Soul Level Dowsing System.

        - T. Lynn Dann,

          Reiki Practitioner & Caregiver Advocate,

          Jamaica Plain, MA




Seeing Maryfaith put my entire life into perspective. 


She has a loving and healing power.  After our session I saw clearly what was happening in my life and what I could do to make it better.  You can tell she cares very deeply about her clients.  Her abilities are true.  I walked away with a sense of love and perspective and clarity.  

        - Jennifer, Jamaica Plain



It does my heart good to know that there are people on the planet possessed of such powerful gifts as yours, Maryfaith, and that they are using them - as you are - for the Good. A session with you is a grace and a blessing--thank you.
        - Kathryn Deputat, Boston, MA


As a dear friend and a source of guidance, Maryfaith has been an integral presence and part of my personal, emotional and spiritual transformation over the past several years. Her abilities go beyond anything that I have experienced and I have truly, truly benefited from her channeling my guides and angels. Because of Maryfaith’s ability to channel, I now know that I am not alone and that I am a being of radiance in this world.
       - V.A.G., Boston, MA


I have known Maryfaith for nearly 15 years. Her psychic ability is simply amazing, and her readings have been very accurate and helpful. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for help or healing. Once you get a reading, you’ll want to get more.
        - K. Hill, Boston, MA


I am impressed with the accuracy of Maryfaith’s predictions, having been a skeptic to begin with. I have given her only the names of people that she didn’t know and she managed to accurately predict both their character and their future relationship with me on both occasions that I have used her as a psychic. I find it fascinating because in one of those cases, I made a totally different judgment about the person and could have sworn that Maryfaith was wrong, but in two months the prediction was 100% spot on. I am now able to act on the advice that Maryfaith gives me with a great deal of certainty. Thanks Maryfaith!
        - Linda Klarfeld (sculptor), Australia


Maryfaith’s compassion and devotion to answering your very important personal questions won’t end with one pat answer. If you need further clarification she will use as many methods as she knows to find that answer for you, going way overboard until YOU attain full clarification, peace, and perspective in what her guides reveal to her about you. And she is never, ever wishy ~ washy.
        - Eserette, Brighton, MA


During the summer of 2005, I was having a series of unexplained anxiety attacks that interfered with my quality of life. One attack landed me in the hospital because I had difficulty breathing and a lot of chest pain. I was given a prescription for alprazolam to take as needed but it made me feel ‘ out of it’ and very sleepy. Until I had these symptoms I did not realize how incapacitating anxiety attacks could be. I am thankful for the energy healing session with Maryfaith, as I am symptom free. Life is good!
        - Patricia L., Boston, MA


I make and research flower essences, gem elixirs, and other energetic essences, under the guidance of my multidimensional guides and helpers. I feel that I am here in order to do this at this time to help humanity expand its awareness. Maryfaith has been a student of mine in Shamballa Multidimensional Healing, and has used my essences for many years.

Recently she has done a few ‘readings’ for me from her major other dimensional source, Archangel Metatron. These readings have opened up new avenues in essence making for me, for which I am profoundly grateful. The new Portal Essences and the Generational Lives essences that have resulted are getting rave reviews from my students and customers.

Maryfaith is humble and matter of fact about what she brings through from other dimensional sources. She tries to ‘get out of the way’ as much as much as possible, that is not to come to any session with preconceived ideas.

This is essential for accuracy. No channeler is accurate 100% of the time, partly because we all color what comes through to us from our own experience, our own vocabulary, etc., and partly because things change. The future is not set in stone, but is fluid and responsive to our thoughts and actions and intentions, now more than ever.

So I appreciate Maryfaith’s integrity in doing all that she can to make her channelings as accurate as possible—that is, to get out of ego, keep from preconceived ideas, be in the moment as much as possible during the session, etc.

I highly recommend her channeling abilities and also her teaching of Shamballa Multidimensional Healing.
        - Phyllis Brooks,

          Taliloquay Essences, Shamballa,

          Multidimensional Healing Teacher.


Maryfaith is an exceptional psychic reader. She did a two hour reading for me and it was right on the mark. She gave me so much information that I am still sorting through it all. She also gave me important information about my sister who lives out of town and was very much on the mark for her as well.

Her readings are so informative and she is able to ask questions if something is not clear. I would highly recommend Maryfaith. She also has a wonderful healing circle every month to experience the wonderful loving energy of Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing System. thankyou so much Maryfaith.
        - Susan G., West Roxbury, MA


I had a psychic reading from Maryfaith that was an amazing experience. I asked her if I should move in with the man I was dating. We had been together for awhile but had gone through some rough patches in the two years before when he had been living outside of the country. She told me that moving in together was the right decision and that he only had my best interests at heart. She was absolutely right! He has since helped me and my whole family through some very hard times and we are now engaged to be married. He has stuck by me like I never thought anyone would. Maryfaith was definately right.

I also attended one of the healing circles. i was abit skepical but after being worked on..I felt very relaxed. The entire next week, I had more energy and patience. some very stressful situations at work, improved due to my changed attitude. I would highly recommend that anyone who is able give this a try.
        - Kendra B., Boston, MA


I made an appointment with Maryfaith of Energies from Source Healing Center for me and a friend. Maryfaith made us feel super comfortable, explained in detail what her services entailed.

During my clairvoyant reading, I was in awe of how dead-on that she was, she told me things that I don't share with anyone. It was crazy! I also got a piece of mind about alot of questions in regard to future career and love life). The answeres were very detailed, she even told me what my future husband would be wearing the night we met. Also, I received alot of positive advice to help me stay grounded to make daily life more enriching.

My friend and I left feeling at peace, with many things to look forward to in our lives. I would highly recommend taking advantage of all of Maryfaith's services. She is an incredibly gifted. I have already recommended her to another friend and plan to go back for a visit in the near future. If life goes like she said it would for me. I look forward to all the wonderful things coming my way!
        - Lindsay D., Jamaica Plain, MA


For several years I have gone to Maryfaith for channeled readings. She has served as an excellent "messenger" and the messages have been "spot-on" in accuracy. She is well grounded and forthright - without any agenda to please me (which is very much appreciated and critical for any spiritualist!)

Quite a while ago, she received the message that I would be traveling on a ship (I thought TO Japan). Even with my adamance that I didn't like boats/ships, she stayed true to the message. I have just returned from a cruise on the Crystal. After it was booked, I learned it is owned by a Japanese company. I recalled Maryfaith's words!

I will continue to return to Maryfaith for other kinds of readings. She has been really helpful during significant junctures for me! I trust her work and recommend her very highly.
        - PM, Boston, MA


Over the past decade we have utilized many of the services offered by Maryfaith at Energies from Source. Most recently we had Maryfaith perform an Energetic Space Clearing on a house we were preparing to sell. We could definitely feel the positive effects of her work; apparently so did the family who purchased our house. When we moved into our new place we invited Maryfaith to come and assist us in cleansing the energy there. The process, one that involved the entire family, had a beneficial effect not only on the ‘feel’ of spaces we inhabited but also on how we all felt within those spaces. The results were surprisingly noticeable; good vibrations all around! We have recommended Maryfaith’s services to many of our friends. She is truly a gifted psychic and healer.
        - M. C., Southern Maine 


Maryfaith Goessling is a remarkably gifted healer and teacher. I have experienced healing sessions with her that really improved my mobility and reduced my pain. I have particularly enjoyed her monthly healing circle, in which she encourages the attendees to use a variety of techniques and to expand both their practical and psychic abilities. She's always willing to share her vast knowledge of healing practices with others and answer their questions. As a channeler, she always provides interesting and useful information, and is a kind and effective counselor. I would highly recommend seeing her.
        - Joan Wood, Medway, MA


My experience with Maryfaith has been very exciting. I have been doing energy healing with her for the last 6 yrs. on a monthly basis. She has always been able to keep me on point and also after the healing- what she sees during the healing is exactly what I experienced during the sessions. Sometimes we are both so on point that it's not only exciting but makes you know that all energies are connected in some way shape or form. It is to me worth my time and money. Also both of my daughters received energy healing from her. It's a family affair.
        - V. Prince, Boston, MA


Although, I believe we are all deeply connected beings to Spirit, our Higher Self and to all that Is; from time to time, we need guidance, reassurance, or a deeper level of insight. This is where Maryfaith comes in; she is a clear channeler who creates the space and connection for clear communication to take place. Whether your inquiries are about your health, career, relationships or your spiritual evolution, Maryfaith is the perfect ally for connecting and communicating with your sources and spirit with love, grace and divinity.
        - V. Alarcon, Santa Fe, NM


Maryfaith is an excellent channeler, healer and friend. Her work as a physic is very accurate, and both informative and enlightening. She is able to channel very accurately for people "on the spot" or in a personalized session. I have always come away from a session with her, feeling energized about the possibilities in my life and frequently with solid information on situations, family matters and events that I could not have found the same clarity about in any other way. I love that she wants to know absolutely nothing about the background of any question you may have, that you just ask the question and can listen to the answer as given by your highest self, guides and guardians. Her work as a healer is equally wonderful. Using many of the same talents, she is able to give insight into why I might have a particular problem as well as working energetically to relieve the problem. Maryfaith is a person of great integrity and kindness. You will not regret the time spent with her.”
        - J.L., Boston, MA


A dear friend gave me a gift of a reading from Maryfaith, at a time when I was in the throws of fighting a debilitating illness that seemed to have an unrelenting hold over me. The reading was a revelation: it not only offered incredible insight and understanding of what I was experiencing but also detailed practical and very specific ways of overcoming my illness on my own and seeking out help that would make tangible physical results to my recovery. I cannot recommend or praise enough Maryfaith's gifted readings to anyone who may be at a physical, mental or emotional crossroads.
        - A.C., Dublin, Ireland.


I had a reading from Mary Faith recently and I found it to be quite thorough. She spent an inordinate amount of time with me. She was also very patient treating someone who is new at the system of having a reading done. I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in learning about themselves and how the Guides view their lives. I am considering having Mary Faith do readings for company employees who are interested. Thank you Mary Faith.
        - Bridget McWilliams, Victorville, CA 


It is a blessing to know Maryfaith. Her readings are astoundingly accurate and incredibly helpful. Since my first reading, I've returned to her for many more, as well as an energy healing. She has been a wonderful source of guidance in my life. I would recommend Maryfaith to anyone. She is truly gifted.”
        - Diana, Brighton, MA


I had vertigo. I felt dizzy 15 days out of the year. Maryfaith worked on me. My vertigo lasted on 30 minutes more and then went away. It has never returned.
        - Fadumo Maow, South Boston, MA


I hired Maryfaith to do space clearings, business and personal. She has also done many readings for me as well as healing sessions. She is a powerful healer and I highly recommend her.
        - Robin Golinski, Jamaica Plain, MA


I had aggressive breast cancer. I was going through chemotherapy which caused very painful side effects. My treatments with Maryfaith made me feel like I could relax. I also felt it relieved my feelings of depression and made me feel more positive.
        - Cristina Moya, Boston, MA


Maryfaith did a complete House Clearing for me after a fire took place in my home earlier this year. I was amazed at how thorough her assessment was! Going through each room, sensing what she sensed, feeling what she sensed was there: noxious rays, negative thought forms or entities. She developed a comprehensive protocol for shifting those energies in the house and for resetting new intentions for each room and assigning a power animal for every space as well.

While going through the clearing process, I had several periods of extreme anxiety which Maryfaith was able to shift by her multiple integrated approach, with various healing modalities. These helped me to break through my anxiety and continue the space clearing. The physical symptoms that I was feeling cleared and I was able to feel optimistic about being able to re-occupy the house after the fire.

The noxious rays Maryfaith identified in my husband's office made sense due to the fact that he never wanted to spend any significant time in there during the 8 years we have lived in the house. He just used his office for storage and did most work at the kitchen table.

After the clearing was finished, Maryfaith gave me complete handouts with all of the instructions and information on the process that we had just gone through. It was really a wonderful experience!
        - Cecilia Bennett, Cambridge, MA


It only seemed at first that serendipity brought me to working with Maryfaith Goessling. I see now that it was no accident at all, but a purposeful, life changing, deeply enriching and transformative bit of Universal Wisdom that led me to her and to continue working with her. She is the real deal. Don't take my word for it. Go find out for yourself.
        - N.S.B., Boston, MA


I know Maryfaith to be a kind and loving person. Her approach to healing comes from that place-which makes it especially powerful and transformative. I highly recommend her work to anyone looking for a natural and intuitive connection to their inner needs.”
        - Oscar Truitt, Life and Inner Light Coach,
          True-It-Is Coaching, Hyde Park, MA


I was initially skeptical of Maryfaith’s abilities until she removed ghosts that were haunting my daughter’s bedroom. Maryfaith has since done two energetic space clearings for us to remove stagnant energy in the house. I have also experienced a few hands-on healing sessions which were quite relaxing. I recommend her services to anyone serious about results.
        - Jay B., Roslindale, MA




I have known Maryfaith for over seven years. During that time, I have received many energy healings, readings, and other energy work from her. All of her energy work is very powerful and accurate. I trust her messages and have experienced first-hand her energy work. Most recently, I received a cleanse and healing, from her using The Soul Level Dowsing System, a system with pendulums that she developed herself. Maryfaith is a powerful dowser and healer, so by combining these two modalities, she has created a life-changing healing system. Healing not only the physical body, but on a soul level. Maryfaith cleared my chakras, released unbeneficial entities and energy, and opened me up energetically so that I felt very light and free. After her healing, I felt very sensitive and open. I felt as if I was energetically clear and able to reprogram my life to how I wanted it to be. It was a very powerful experience that I highly recommend.
        - Susan M., Georgetown, MA



I met Maryfaith at a community event while I was struggling with infertility, recurrent pregnancy loss, and PTSD symptoms from a difficult miscarriage.  I was immediately drawn to Maryfaith’s kindness, compassion, and honesty and I made an appointment with her for a reading and energy healing. Maryfaith helped me make sense of everything that had happened to me during a channeled reading.  Her responses to my questions gave me hope.    After she completed her readings, she performed energy healing to restore the balance of energy in my body and remove negative energies.  After each session, Maryfaith made me tea, sat with me and was willing to offer a compassionate ear while I processed what had been said during the readings and how my body felt after energy healing.  Maryfaith encouraged me to keep up any and all fertility-related medical interventions that I was taking part in, but I feel that her readings and energy healings helped me recover spiritually and gave me the courage to keep going during long months of infertility, and kept me emotionally grounded.  A year after I met her, I gave birth to a baby girl, and I was thrilled to mail a birth announcement to Maryfaith.  Without her, I’m not sure I would have had the courage to soldier on.  Since that time, I’ve consulted with her over career changes, and I have found her readings and energy healings to be a powerful force that have helped me see things with a perspective that I might not have achieved on my own.  
        - Laura G,   Roslindale, MA




I have been working with Maryfaith through Energies from Source Healing Center for over ten years. She has a no-nonsense style which is approachable and down to earth. She channels, does pendulum work, clears energies and has amazing prophetic abilities. When I look back at past readings; things always seem to happen as she predicts. I value her confidentiality and her integrity. She is a wonderfully brilliant and wise soul. Maryfaith is a pleasure to know, I feel incredibly lucky to have found her as a guide in my life.

        - Erica Nazzaro, LICSW, Amesbury, MA




I faced cancer, and it takes a lot to maintain a balanced and peaceful mindset. My medical team is great, but doctor’s don’t work on my emotional, psychological and spiritual being. Maryfaith Goessling is an amazing healer. When I’ve had to undergo biopsies, surgery, radiation and chemo, her energy work created a balm on my psyche. It sounds strange, but stress left me, worries were gone, fears banished. The doctors were astonished how quickly I recovered and regained my energy. She’s the real deal.

        - Suzette Martinez Standring

          Columnist and author





Through her energy work, Maryfaith has offered me meaningful insights and clarity. She is genuine, caring and conscientious.

        - Elizabeth S., Roxbury, MA




My daughter and I met Maryfaith at a dowsing convention. We both signed up for a session. The sessions were fascinating and very healing. Maryfaith used her pendulums (which she explained the purpose and meaning of each one) and intuitive ability to detect areas that had low vibrations, traumas or energy that wasn’t for our highest and best. Maryfaith has a unique gift to clear and heal non-beneficial energies. A pure blessing. I highly recommend her work. She has a wealth of knowledge in the energy field that she shares easily and helps you understand plainly. I am forever grateful for our sessions together and hope to receive more healing in the future.

        - M.A. Ratteree




I had my first spiritual session with Maryfaith and enjoyed every second of it. She was extremely welcoming and informative. I would definitely recommend her to others if they are hesitant on finding the right place to start. I left there in a much better state of mind as well.

        - Kyle Anthony




Maryfaith is a godsend!

        - CF




Five stars!

        - Amanda Mendonca, Boston, MA




Maryfaith has an undeniable talent in that she is able to connect to sources and guides from other realms of existence. There is no worse feeling than walking out of a reading and thinking it was pointless. However, this was NOT the case with Maryfaith. She was able to answer all of my questions in the hour time frame and even had time to ask Spirit if there were any other messages for me. My reading lasted about an hour and I asked roughly 20 questions. I would recommend this experience to anyone seeking guidance about their life or

anyone who is curious about the metaphysical world. Maryfaith is blessed with many different gifts and tools of knowledge that allow her to communicate efficiently and accurately.

        - Brooke Mercuri




Maryfaith is a talented energy healer who gave me her full dedication to help me get through difficult times. She will teach you about yourself through her gift. She is a healer, and has helped me understand myself and those around me in a way that I would have never

understood alone. She is a friend of the universe and helps everyone that comes in her direction.

        - Jennifer, Jamaica Plain, MA




Maryfaith is a gifted healer who continues to learn and sharpen her gift of healing. Each and every time I start to feel heavy and unhinged, I instantly think of Maryfaith and her healing hands work. And although I initially schedule an appointment for healing energy work, I

always end up adding on a reading. Life is a little less daunting knowing that I have guides who are by my side, that have messages for me about the direction that I am moving in. Sincerely Thankful.

        - Nadine O




I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with Mary Faith and felt it was very insightful. I get caught up in daily activities and frustrations. I find it difficult to turn down the noise. Then I met Mary Faith. Her clear readings are inspirational. I enter the world of peaceful introspection and I am offered new opportunities. The art of clearing the mind and getting answers to my questions relieved my mind of the noise and gave me hope. It even gets better with every healing tool and technique. She knows which ones you need for your own personal growth. I highly recommend Mary Faith as she is divinely blessed with many gifts.

        - Kristine B, Jamaica Plain, MA




A welcomed surprise: I went to see Maryfaith Goessling for a spirit guide reading (channeled reading). I was open to receive anything she might offer. Her guides and her intuition were spot on for the situation at hand. It helped me with insight into an aspect of my life.  At one point she said her guides were telling her that I needed some healing work; not what I had come for but I was willing and she had created a warm and welcomed space that was very relaxed. We went into the other room where she proceeded to work with pendulums and chats. Well, almost immediately after she started energetically working on me with her pendulums, my back started cracking right at vertebrae c5-c8 an area of much discomfort to me. I had a rib at c7 that was sticking out for over a year and I just attributed it to my scoliosis. Crack crack crack went my back while she continued her work with energy and pendulums. In the end my upper back hadn’t felt that good in a long time. A minute later two more adjustments happened. I left feeling I had more mobility with my mind and body. It was a very welcomed surprise. 

        - Luke Bruffee, Boston, MA




I have seen Maryfaith a number of times over the years for tarot readings and energy healing. I have always enjoyed going to see her; she is kind, patient, and respectful. Maryfaith is an insightful and accurate reader of tarot, an amazing energy worker, and a great listener. 

There is always a positive benefit to working with Maryfaith. One of the most notable outcomes for me is chronic neck pain that never returned after energy healing sessions several years ago. I have learned a lot from Maryfaith over time, she is always able to recommend a book, a local event, or person to connect with that is relevant to what's going on in my life at the time. Go see Maryfaith; you will always walk away with new perspective.

        - Norah Boyle, Jamaica Plain, MA




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Love Moves the World

  • From “The Bell Tower”, a publication of the Theodore Parker Unitarian Universalist Church in West Roxbury, MA. Each issue includes a personal story of faith from one of our members. Here, Rev. Lilli Nye interviews Maryfaith Goessling for the Summer 2008 Edition.

When I became acquainted with Maryfaith, I learned that, along with her career as an early childhood educator, she is also a practicing energy healer and psychic. Her journey expresses a part of the spectrum of experience and belief of that we don’t often hear about at Theodore Parker Church. Here are a few highlights from the stories she shared with me about her life.

Maryfaith grew up in rural New Jersey, the sixth of nine children, and one of a large gaggle of neighborhood children who spent most of their time playing on the acres of land around them. She grew to love the local woods and wild places and their flora and fauna, and became interested in edible wild plants and herbs. Attending college in Lynchburg, Va., she became friends with an avid hiker and naturalist who "knew the Blue Ridge Mountains like the back of his hand."

At age 24, with a degree in elementary education, Maryfaith moved to Boston. While living in an old house in Brighton, she experienced a series of strange occurrences that first raised questions about the paranormal. More experiences would follow, many of them troubling.

Gradually suspecting that it was her own intuitive perception that made her susceptible to these experiences, she was anxious about her emerging capabilities. She began to keep a journal to better understand what was happening, and to investigate the I Ching, divination, and tarot cards. In her twenties, she vacillated between resisting and exploring her intuitive abilities.

Maryfaith moved to Minneapolis, where her youngest brother was living. A doctor who specialized in treating dyslexia told her frankly, "Your real problem is that you’re psychic." Maryfaith recounted: "She told me that life is like a three-bean salad; normal people get the first layer, intuitives get the first two, but psychics get all three. I was picking up on everyone’s feelings. I was too vulnerable, and I needed to learn to manage it."

She found the Lake Harriet Community Church, which offered classes in meditation, metaphysical subjects, and healing, and also continued her studies in herbalism. As she grew to understand and hone her psychic ability and learn from others on a similar path, she also began to feel more at home in the world. I asked Maryfaith how she had reconciled her early Catholic schooling with these later
experiences. She said her parents had always told her, "We’ll love you no matter what"—which they demonstrated, even when forced to deal with something they didn’t understand. "I never thought of God as forbidding," she added. "I spent so much time in nature and believed that nature was a part of God. I thought of Jesus as a big farmer with manure on his boots, willing to put his arms around you and help you."

Working at an elementary School in Minneapolis, she often heard one of the parents say to her daughter, "You don’t have to be perfect. Just be the best you can be. No one gets it right all the time, not even grownups." She began to say this to the children, and saw how they visibly relaxed. "Just try to be the best you can be" became one of two guiding rules for her in education and life, the other being, "Don’t hurt anyone or anything."

I asked her how, given her work as a healer and clairvoyant, she made sense of the nature of life. 

"Everything has energy," she replied, "and it’s moving, even though you can’t see it moving. It really is love that moves the world.” A person’s energy field expands greatly when he or she focuses on love, she said, adding, “Thoughts are things. Our thoughts create our

A few months traveling in Australia, staying in hostels and meeting other travelers from many countries, gave her the hopeful sense of being connected to an international community of kindred spirits all striving to bring creative light into the world. She has since settled in Jamaica Plain and has continued working in elementary education. She began attending TPC in the fall of 2004. 


I asked her how Theodore Parker Church fits into her spiritual journey.

She acknowledged that it took a while to feel comfortable. Folks were not always receptive when she mentioned her work as a psychic and healer. But she persisted, took a more active approach, and gradually began to get connected—including serving as co-chair of the recent TPC yard sale.

"I’m happy to have met all of these people,” she said. “I like the energy that’s in the church. I like the meditative, Quaker-like space I get into when I see those windows. And I like the energy in the classrooms. I think that the creative work that the kids are doing can have a
greater influence on the community if we invite that."


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